7 Best Social Media Jobs from Home

The perception of social media in past few years has changed dramatically. People have started looking at it through a new lens which has enabled a business viewpoint of social media. It’s amazing how today, the time we spend on social media, could be utilized to get a job or run a business. “People want […]

Time to take BackUp Data from Facebook, Twitter and other Networking Sites

Today almost each and everyone are using some or other social networking sites like google+, facebook. Twitter, Picasa etc. You become so excited to share your photo, ideas, project with your friends. But have you ever thought that if all these data get vanish from my account then I mean, if in case your account is hacked, or Database […]

Why You Should Wait for the Next iPhone

Apple unveiled three new iPhones at its event on 12th September – two regular upgrades in the form of the iPhone 8 series and one special tenth-anniversary edition, the iPhone X. It was indeed one of the most exhaustive and overwhelming product launches the company had ever hosted. With captivating new features such as wireless charging, facial recognition, […]

7 Easy and Free Ways to Get More Traffic That You Should Be Using (But Aren’t)

We all want our content to reach more people, and to also live on, and keep bringing visitors to our site long after we’ve published it. Most brands do the basics, they publish a blog and cross-promote articles on social media. Some brands take it further, by publishing directly on social platforms like LinkedIn’s publishing platform […]

Facebook Announces New Guidelines on Content Monetization and Advertising Censorship

Over the past year, Facebook’s been skirting around the definition of what it is – or more specifically, Facebook’s actively worked to avoid being labeled a media company. And that makes sense – Facebook sees itself as more of a facilitator, a platform for anyone to share their voice. They don’t make editorial decisions, they […]

The Breakdown of Social Media Ad Costs

Every social media platform brings something different to the table. This means that not only the structure of your campaigns will be different for each platform, but also the advertising costs and billing options. With organic reach on a constant decline, it’s critical for most companies (those with a social media budget) to allocate some of their […]